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Do you need a website, Facebook business page, or both?

Do you need a website in 2021? This is a question many business owners ask themselves today.

Website Design or Facebook Marketing

With the rise of social media and the unlimited possibilities it offers, many businesses may wonder if spending money on website design is necessary at all? 

Website design or a Facebook business page?

Facebook has made building online relationships with new customers easier than ever before. It allows you to target a larger audience with interests in your offerings, and also enables you to engage with your audience directly. So, with all the benefits that Facebook offers, why do you need a website?

A website is unique

While a Facebook business page allows for some customisation, all pages follow the same layout. This can make it difficult to stand out visually. With a business website, you can tailor the layout to match your business’ unique branding.

A website builds trust

Ever searched for a business online and found nothing? That can be really frustrating and disappointing. With a website, your business builds credibility and trust among customers.

You control the customer journey

With a website, you can design the customer journey and drive visitors to the right places. While Facebook provides you with new, potential customers, a website is required to complete the sales process. 

Considering these aspects, owning a website is still one of the most effective ways to establish a presence online. But if you invest in web design, is it necessary to have a Facebook page too?

Why you need a Facebook business page

With 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook gives you access to a growing customer base. But besides having a large audience, there are several other benefits you can enjoy by having a Facebook page and Facebook marketing for your business.

Easy engagement

Facebook makes it very easy and convenient to engage with your audience. You can reply to direct messages, comment on posts, and share user’s content. This allows you to offer a very personal experience to new and old customers.

More leads

Facebook enables you to display your content to users with specific interests. By targeting the right people, you can improve your chances of gaining high-quality leads. 

Quick and easy updates

Have a new product? Want to promote your weekly specials? With a Facebook business page, you can share the news fast and efficiently through the unique content you create.

So, which is right for you? 

It’s simple: Both. While solely having a Facebook page may be effective for small start-ups, having a business website can improve your credibility and lead nurturing strategies. Start by investing in web design and grow your audience through Facebook.  If you need a new website or require assistance with Facebook marketing, contact our team of website designers today. We will discuss your business’ unique requirements and find the right solution for you.