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Custom Cloud Hosting Solutions

Move your website or application into the cloud with our custom cloud solutions. We build solutions based on your unique requirements, including highly available websites across multiple availability zones.


What is custom cloud hosting?

Custom cloud hosting means that we will first do a consultation with prospective customers, after which we will architect a custom solution based on your exact requirements. This typically includes high availability design, managed databases, managed storage, autoscaling and disaster recovery to name a few.

Example of a custom WordPress cloud hosting solution

A company has a busy, WordPress powered e-commerce website with a large database. The company frequently run specials where the website receives more traffic than usual.

Web Guru Example Solution

The company therefore has complete peace of mind that their website will remain up, even when they have massive spikes in traffic. If the existing web servers reaches a certain CPU threshold, new web servers will automatically be added, and load balanced across all web servers.  Once the load comes back down, the additional web servers will be scaled back automatically.

These companies trust Web Guru

These companies trust Web Guru

Your cloud migration journey

Our straight forward approach will help to effortlessly move your website or application into the cloud

Consultation & Assessment

We assess and discuss your unique business requirements to move your website/application into the cloud.

Planning & Cost Analysis

Our cloud architects will design a custom solution and provide you with a detailed plan & cost analysis.


Once approved, our cloud architects and engineers will build the cloud environment and migrate your website.

Supported Applications

The below applications are supported and can be moved to the cloud







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