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Avoid the clutter on your e-commerce site

If you've recently noticed that your e-commerce website isn’t ranking in search engines, receiving good page views, or resulting in sales, it is time to evaluate the design of your site.

E-Commerce Clutter

Unsatisfactory results may be due to many reasons, but the first thing you should consider is your website’s user experience. A poorly designed or cluttered website can be overwhelming for visitors, lead to slow loading speeds, and can ultimately, make your business appear less professional. 

Five ways you can avoid clutter on your e-commerce website 

Whether you want to invest in a new website design or want to give your current site a makeover, you have to avoid clutter at all costs. Let’s look at five easy ways you can ensure your website appears neat and organised and flows smoothly. 

Cut down on content

Content is the most important part of your website. But bulky pages with long paragraphs of text and too many images can confuse visitors. It is important to understand why people visit your website and keep only core content that reflects the site’s purpose. You want to engage visitors and keep them coming back, not overwhelm them! 

Use short but powerful headings, to-the-point paragraphs, and images and videos that offer value to your visitors. 

Get rid of pages that perform poorly

Too many pages on your website can distract visitors from clicking through to make a sale. While sufficient information about your business and its products or services is important, pages that don’t sell, educate, or engage are unnecessary. Too many pages can also slow down your website. 

Tip! A tool such as Google Analytics can help you to identify poorly performing pages. 

Include clear calls to action (CTA) and links

CTAs and links are important on all your pages. However, if they are used excessively or without a clear purpose, it can make your website appear cluttered. Your CTA and linking strategy should be simple: It should encourage click-through and should promote search engine optimisation (SEO).

Use more negative space

One of the easiest but also the most effective ways of improving the user experience of your e-commerce website is to use more negative space. Negative space refers to the space around elements on your website design

Negative space helps draw attention to what matters most: your content. By doing this, you can help visitors find elements, including CTAs, to click through to make sales faster. 

Clean up your e-commerce site for better results 

If your e-commerce website isn’t receiving the page views or sales you have hoped for, something may be wrong. It is best to start looking at your site’s design to see how you can declutter the design elements and make the customer journey smoother. 

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