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5 Reasons why visitors are leaving your e-commerce site before making a purchase

You may have designed your dream e-commerce website and are seeing a good amount of traffic, but when visitors are not staying on your website, you may have to revisit your offering.

E-Commerce Website

If your e-commerce site is not producing the leads or sales you had expected, you must investigate why. There can be many reasons why people abandon your website before buying. To help you pinpoint the cause, we explore five of the most common reasons why visitors jump ship. 

Why visitors are clicking away from your e-commerce website 

Your content is poorly structured

Website content is one of the most important parts of your e-commerce website. Not only does it guide visitors around your site, but it is also key in prompting visitors to buy your products or sign up for your services. If your content is poorly structured or of low quality, visitors will click away. Therefore, it is essential to have strong headings, clever call to actions and effective internal links. 

You have insufficient product information

Visitors come to your website for a reason. They have either seen your products or services being advertised, or your website has ranked high enough for their specific search on Google. However, if your product or service offerings lack sufficient information, visitors may lose interest. Therefore, it is essential to list all the important information about your products or services in an easily accessible way. 

Your checkout process is complex

Visitors will often abandon their carts if they find it too difficult to checkout. This may be the result of the process being too cluttered or way too slow. Reasons for this can include unnecessary information entry requirements, forced registrations and lengthy order forms. Cleaning up the process can be a challenge, so it is best to call in the help of professional website designers to assist you with this. 

Your site has confusing navigation

If your website has a complicated menu or page navigation, visitors can easily get lost. Therefore, you have to ensure your website flows well and has a smooth user experience. This may include changing up your menu and restructuring your pages. If you are unsure of how to create a smooth flow, speak to the team at Web Guru. We will work with you to improve your website’s navigation to keep visitors interested and engaged. 

Your website is not mobile-friendly

Gone are the days of people using their laptops or desktop PCs to shop. Now, it is all about shopping on the go. If your website does not display correctly on mobile devices, visitors won’t bother spending any time on your site. To avoid this, you have to make sure your website is responsive on all devices. 

Keep visitors engaged with your e-commerce website 

Today, there are around 24 million e-commerce websites. And while this is great news for consumers, this amount of competition can make it incredibly difficult for you to keep visitors on your website. Luckily, you can quickly and easily make changes to your website to keep visitors engaged and avoid them clicking away to your competitors. If you’re still not quite sure why visitors are leaving your website or need help making changes, talk to the expert website design team at Web Guru. We will help to identify any challenges and assist to improve your website in a flash.